Why Do Retailers Need Cover?

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While your focus is servicing your customers, our focus is on keeping your business safeguarded. You never know what can go wrong in the day to day running of your business so let us help you to pass on insurable risks to the insurers who are the hungriest for your business.

Did You Know?

Most landlords require the tenant to have both Public Liability insurance and Glass cover before signing a lease. Landlords may also need to be noted as an interested party on the insurance policy. Furthermore, the landlord may ask the tenant to pay for the building policy as well. Why not get your own quotes to make sure you aren’t overpaying?


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Insurance For Retailers Noosa

Public Liability

Public and products liability insurance is vital for anyone in retail. Have you thought about the chance of someone tripping over in your store, or having merchandise fall on a child? How about if your product was taken home and cause an injury to a family member of one of your customers? These are not risks anyone should take without involving an insurance company who knows your industry inside out. A good Public Liability policy will cover your legal and defense costs, as well as any compensation that might be payable.

Business Insurance

Your customers are important but an unprotected business may not be there tomorrow.

Business Insurance can cover:

  • Contents and stock – whether from burglary, theft, accidental damage or a fire your contents and stock ought to be insured for replacement value.
  • Building – protect your premises with building cover in the event of fire or storm.
  • Glass – a regularly claimed item for retail business is damage to internal or external glass and signage.
  • Money – money can be covered against being lost or stolen at work at home or on the way to the bank.
  • Business Interruption – if there was a fire and you were closed down, how long would be too long before your cash flow started to suffer?
    If you don’t have significant cash savings to pay all your bills and staff costs, then a Business Interruption policy could be the difference between shutting down for good if a disaster happened.

Cyber Liability

Imagine your customers’ names and credit card details were stolen from your database. It’s becoming easier for digital thugs and hackers to cause chaos and you need to keep up with the times. This is a modern insurance policy for modern day businesses.


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